In recognition of our world's changing needs, UL and DoGoodery are proud to support innovative non-profit programs embracing E-STEM to inspire the next generation of scientists, business leaders, researchers, inventors, and engineers.

Each year, five recognition awards will be distributed for innovation and excellence in the E-STEM field totaling US $250,000 in awards. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! There are many additional benefits to winning a UL Innovative Education Award:

  • Membership in a community of creative and accomplished non-profit leaders from diverse programs.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other ULIEA award winners and experts in non-profit leadership, marketing, and more.
  • Access to UL's safety and engineering experts, who can provide research expertise, mentoring, and other types of support.
  • Bragging rights! This is an international award, which garners attention from media, philanthropists, and others.



Winners will be asked to participate in ongoing communication with UL and DoGoodery over the course of one (1) year following the receipt of the Award in regards to the continuation of their work through the aid of the Award.

Over the course of the year following the announcement of the award, UL and DoGoodery work with winners on storytelling around their program and the award. These storytelling activities include several conference calls, periodic reports, and content for the ULIEA blog, among others.

Additionally if your organization is selected as a winner, one to two representatives will be invited to a kick-off meeting with DoGoodery and UL in summer 2019.

Winners will also be asked to participate in the evaluation of the ULIEA program, which may include surveys and interviews for staff and facilitating survey collection with program participants.